Farewell to da Wack

Here’s to you Wacotown. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your quirks and your charm. As I prepare to bid you adieu, I reflect back on my time here and feel the need to mention a few things you offered me that can never be replaced.

So, here are just a few things I’ll miss about Waco, Texas:


  • Pulling up to the Schlotzsky’s drive-thru and only needing to say “hey” before I hear “hi Katie. We saw you drive up. Your order is ready.”


  • Coming up with a solid team name, yet still somehow getting dead last at True Love trivia night. Because everyone else cheats. Probably.


  • Also serenading the crowds at True Love karaoke with my renditions of each and every melodramatic Broadway song I know until there’s not a dry eye in the place. More accurately, I’m by far the most moved by my own performance and no one else is really paying attention. Their loss.


  • Asking any restaurant if they have a gluten-free menu and receiving the response: “What the hell is gluten. This is Texas.”
    • All I can say back is “That response doesn’t make any sense, but I respect your disdain.” And then I leave and go to Schlotzsky’s.


  • Wearing jeans and a normal shirt instead of nike shorts and being asked what fancy Oscar party I’m attending after class.


  • Taco Z.


  • Making frenemies in the Sidrich parking lot with the people I battle daily for a coveted parking spot. It’s been a real bonding opportunity.
    • We’ve had our differences, silver Toyota, but in the end, I know we’re just too similar.
    • And here’s to you, black Honda, may you find peace and happiness one day.
    • As for you, red BMW, I do not regret cutting you off that one time. You are an even worse driver than I am. And you have a red car, so you had it coming.


  • Seeing people I know at HEB and having those awkward HEB conversations where you don’t want to say too much, because you know you’ll see them in another aisle a few minutes later, and then again at the register.
    • So you stick with clever little quips like “man you buy a lot of toilet paper” or “wow can you believe they raised the price of coconut milk, like what is this, the pre-Industrial Revolution era?”


  • Understanding that having brunch at Café Cap means showing up to Café Cap, waiting 6-8 hours outside, and then finally having brunch at Café Cap.


  • Observing the Chick-fil-A drive-thru crowd versus those who bravely venture inside Chick-fil-A. Very different crowds. Let me tell you, I’ve tried both and honestly, I’d rather just have food delivered.


  • Adding “sic’em” to literally every phrase.
    • “Sic’em the sun, it feels so good outside.”
    • “I bought new toothpaste yesterday, sic’em hygiene.”
    • “I’m super bummed about my last test grade, sic’em marrying rich.” It works in every situation! Sic’em optimism.


  • Walking around campus and being very aware that you go to school in a postcard. This one is a little sappy, but give me a break. I’m graduating I get to be sappy. And Baylor is breathtakingly gorgeous. Just like its students. Am I right?


I’ll miss so much about Waco. Mainly my friends, but also the city itself. It will always have a special place in my heart. And thanks to Taco Z, my butt and thighs as well. Sic’em Wacky people.